Storage Solutions Somerset

Storage Solutions Somerset covering Weston super Mare, Yeovil, Chard, Taunton, Wincanton, Minehead, Bruton, Bridgwater, Crewkerne, Frome and Wells.

Mobile Racking Somerset

Mobile racking Somerset places rows of pallets adjacent to each other in a block, with no aisles between. Less floor space required for aisles means more floor space available for storage.

The bays of mobile racking are located on guide rails set into the floor and are electrically operated to bring each one forward as required for loading or unloading by fork lift truck. In this way, all the advantages of "block" racking are achieved whilst maintaining full access to each individual pallet. Each "block" requires only one aisle and conventional fork lift trucks can be used.

Access to each bay is achieved using either a pre-programmed remote control or individually at the push of a button. Each block can be locked in position for additional security for valuable goods. This gives warehouse managers complete control over their stock and throughput.

Drive In

Drive in pallet racking Somerset is ideal for bulk storage of similar items or refrigerated / freezer storage. In this system, goods are stored several pallets deep on guide rails within the structure and fork lift trucks drive in to the racking to retrieve them. Normally pallets are accessed from one side only, which makes this system ideal for building against a wall, although drive-through versions are also available for access from two sides for improved stock rotation.

The nature of drive in pallet racking systems is such that goods are accessed on a "last in, first out" basis, so this is not a solution where stock rotation is important (in such cases, narrow aisle racking may be more appropriate). It is, however, ideal for bulk or long term storage, when space is at a premium or for goods delivered and dispatched in large batches.

Since pallets are stored several rows deep rather than in a conventional manner with aisles between each row, much more of the available floor space is used for storage than is the case with standard racking. Depending on the particular configuration, up to 75% more pallets can be stored in the same space when using drive in pallet racking than when using standard racking. This makes it ideal for freezer storage, for example, where the cold storage space is expensive, or for bulk storage of non-perishable items.

With fork lift trucks frequently driving in and out of it, this type of pallet racking system is subject to a higher degree of wear and tear than standard systems. Hence we provide a very robust system.

Industrial Shelving Somerset

Industrial Shelving Somerset covering Weston super Mare, Yeovil, Chard, Taunton, Wincanton, Minehead, Bruton, Bridgwater, Crewkerne, Frome and Wells.

If you're looking to maximise your space making use of our extensive range of racking and shelving Somerset systems ranging from heavy duty storage solutions through to light duty shelving, and down to our range of small parts plastic containers.

We supply products to suit every storage and materials handling need in the office, factory and warehouse, from a single shelving unit to an entire warehouse in Somerset. Many of the pallet racking and shelving systems are modular, enabling the customisation of layouts to meet exact requirements.

Mobile Shelving Somerset

Working on the same principles as our mobile pallet racking systems, mobile shelving systems allow you to really maximise your bulk storage space.

With a mobile shelving system, blocks of shelving bays are racked together, with no need for aisles between each one. Each bay is mounted on a steel base system, which is mounted on floor tracks. There is a requirement for one aisle only for each block of bays, thereby allowing significantly more room for storage. Each bay can be opened or closed as required, giving full access to all the stored items.

Mobile shelving systems are ideal for long term, bulk storage. In addition, the bays can be locked into place providing extra security for the contents.

Office Shelving Somerset

We offer a smart and efficient way to store all your office items. Equally at home in the store room or the office, its modular construction allows you to tailor a shelving scheme to fit your space, and to add to it later if your storage needs expand.

A number of optional accessories are available with our range to further customise your office shelving scheme. Telescopic and lateral filing cradles make light work of organising suspension files, whilst full height and book dividers easily accommodate ring binders and lever arch files, books, magazines, reports, stationery supplies etc.

Lever Arch File Storage Somerset

Storing large numbers of lever arch files can be problematic; the sloping covers of the files means they often fall over and can be difficult to retrieve from the middle of a shelf. Our lever arch storage system, however, eliminates these problems. Each shelving unit comes complete with file holders, to give each file its own individual compartment and bays to hold 20, 40 or 50 files.

Industrial Shelving Somerset

We have a range of widths and heights, designs to hold up to 100kg per shelf and shelves for special applications. Our range is modular in design allowing us to configure your industrial shelving system to meet your precise requirements, and also expandable for future growth needs.

The food industry has specific requirements and these are met by our range of ventilated shelving:

- Simple boltless assembly
- Height adjustable ventilated shelves
- Dishwasher safe
- Temperature resistant from - 38C to + 70C
- Choice of two shelf depths
- Aluminium and plastic construction specifically for coldrooms and freezers also available

Design & Installation

If you are investing in a new industrial shelving Somerset system then it is important to buy the right products. Our experts will visit your site and using our sophisticated CAD system will work out the very best design to make the optimum use of your space. Our experienced installation team can deliver and install within an agreed timescale.